Union Dues

We pay fees to CUPE National and CUPE Ontario that produce us with many resources including legal representation for members through the grievance and arbitration process; set aside funds to provide our members with strike pay, in the event of a strike or lockout; and mail information to our members. We have a Union office, means to contact the Executive, as well as provide opportunities to attend educational opportunities including conventions/conferences.

As a member of a CUPE 1883, 1.4% of your salary will be deducted for Union dues. You never have to write us a cheque – your dues come directly off your pay in the same way as CPP and EI premiums are collected. When you join CUPE 1883, your initiation fee ($1) is also deducted right from your pay. 

It is also important to know that the union is not an organization you pay to do things for you, it is not the same as a lawyer, or a real estate agent or similar professional. The union can do things on your behalf but the union is only as strong as its members. The dues go to provide infrastructure and resources that can helps you organize around what you and your fellow members want. The real power of a union is people working together as a group to advocate and stand in solidarity together.