About us

Executive & Stewards

Position Name Contact Information Work Location Term
President Noelle Fletcher president@cupe1883.ca
451 Ottawa St. S. February 2020 - February 2022
Vice President,
Job Evaluation
Dave Nicholson jobevaluation@cupe1883.ca Lab February 2020 - February 2022
Vice President,
Health and Safety
Rhonda Gould healthsafety@cupe1883.ca 99 Regina
1st Floor
February 2019 - February 2021
Extended via motion at January 2021 GMM
until one month after collective agreement
Grievance Chair Bonnie Cobb grievance@cupe1883.ca
150 Main St. February 2019 - February 2021
Extended via motion at January 2021 GMM
until one month after collective agreement ratification
Treasurer Jan Richards treasurer@cupe1883.ca 150 Frederick February 2020 - February 2022
Secretary Rebecca Miller secretary@cupe1883.ca
150 Main February 2019 - February 2021
Extended via motion at January 2021 GMM
until one month after collective agreement ratification

Terry Lanis (2021), VACANT (2022), Crystal Davidson (2023)

Bonnie Cobb - 150 Main
Rebecca Miller - 150 Main
Ryan Milanovic - 150 Frederick
Yvonne Kohlmetz - 99 Regina
Crystal Davidson - 150 Frederick
Melissa Krone - 20 Weber
Suzanne Kaufman - 99 Regina
Sue Mathers - Cristopher Children's Centre
Janet Francis - 150 Main
Laurie Peters - 235 King
Sharon Martin - 99 Regina
Andrea Barker - 150 Main



Mobilization/Strike Committee
The Mobilization/Strike Committee is responsible for communicating
negotiation updates to the membership and coordinating strike action.

To contact the Mobilization Committee, please e-mail your.union@cupe1883.ca .

Education Committee
The Education Committee is responsible for coordinating all aspects of
membership education related to in-house and external education opportunities

  • Executive Member
    • Rebecca Miller
  • Rank and File Members
    • Ray Hoover
    • Victoria Kousari
    • Janet Francis
    • Shaily Vaishnav
    • Steve Wood
    • Cheryl Ertel
    • Paula Ronson

Social Committee
These members arrange and conduct all social and recreational activities as well
as wellness and bereavement functions of the Local.

  • Executive Member
    • Jan Richards
  • Rank and File Members
    • Janet Francis
    • Dusty Rich
    • Sharon Skalkos
    • Bernadette Ellert
    • Victoria Kousari

Job Evaluation Committee
The Job Evaluation/Maintenance Committee members ensure that our
members are being treated and compensated fairly for the work they do.

  • Executive Member
    • Dave Nicholson
  • Rank and File Members
    • Corrinne Bernard
    • Ann Marie Weber

Health and Safety Committee
Members of the Health and Safety Committee identify, evaluate and recommend resolutions
to all matters pertaining to health and safety in the workplace ensuring that
all members are knowledgable in their rights, restrictions, responsibilities and duties
under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

  • Executive Member
    • Rhonda Gould
  • Building/Representative
    • 99 Regina
      • Rhonda Gould
      • Karl Fuss
      • Cathy Pamplin
    • 150 Frederick
      • Crystal Davidson
      • Laura Burke
      • Jan Richards
      • Joel Meier
    • 100 Maple Grove
      • Anikka Ivanovc
      • Heather West Wood
      • Danielle Walker
      • Rachel Stoyls
    • 150 Main
      • Bonnie Cobb
      • Lisete Gaspar
    • 20 Weber
      • Chris Campbell
      • Adam Vollmer
    • 235 King
      • Caprice Micher
      • Ray Hoover
      • Valerie Paulley
    • Erb St. Landfill
      • Deanna Dakin
      • Morgan Merriman
      • John Williams
    • POA
      • Melissa Chariot
    • Airport
      • Richard Guinot
    • Transit (Crowne Plaza)
      • Cassidy Wolfe
    • 250 Strasburg
      • Lynda Stelmach
    • Museum
      • Roberta Sealy
    • Joseph Schneider Haus
      • Katie Anderson
    • Libraries
      • Katie Jackman

Negotiations Committee
The purpose of the Negotiating Committee is to prepare collective bargaining proposals
and to negotiate a Collective Agreement on behalf of the membership.

  • Executive Members
    • Noelle Fletcher
    • Dave Nicholson
    • Rhonda Gould
    • Bonnie Cobb
    • Jan Richards
    • Rebecca Miller
  • Member at Large
    • Corrinne Bernard
    • Ann Marie Weber

Return to Work Committee
The Committee ensures that members are fully supported during
the WSIB, Long Term Disability, Return-to-Work and accommodation process.

  • Executive Member
    • Rhonda Gould
  • Rank and File Members
    • Corrinne Bernard

Building Committee
The Building Committee is responsible for reviewing and presenting options
available to the members as it relates to our Union office.

  • Executive Member
    • Noelle Fletcher
  • Rank and File Members
    • Ray Hoover
    • Marek Musiej
    • Cheong Ng

What Our Members Do

People depend on public services; services depend on people to deliver them.

We’re facing tough economic times, and that’s when we need affordable, reliable public services most.

We are the members of CUPE Local 1883 working in the Region of Waterloo.

We are proud to work for you.

We care for your children. We keep your water clean. We keep restaurants and taxi cabs safe for you.

We help our neighbours find jobs, obtain housing and get financial support when they’re in need.

We proudly deliver the public services all of us in the Region depend on every day.

We work for you, Region of Waterloo.

Union Dues

We pay fees to CUPE National and CUPE Ontario that produce us with many resources including legal representation for members through the grievance and arbitration process; set aside funds to provide our members with strike pay, in the event of a strike or lockout; and mail information to our members. We have a Union office, means to contact the Executive, as well as provide opportunities to attend educational opportunities including conventions/conferences.

As a member of a CUPE 1883, 1.4% of your salary will be deducted for Union dues. You never have to write us a cheque – your dues come directly off your pay in the same way as CPP and EI premiums are collected. When you join CUPE 1883, your initiation fee ($1) is also deducted right from your pay. 

It is also important to know that the union is not an organization you pay to do things for you, it is not the same as a lawyer, or a real estate agent or similar professional. The union can do things on your behalf but the union is only as strong as its members. The dues go to provide infrastructure and resources that can helps you organize around what you and your fellow members want. The real power of a union is people working together as a group to advocate and stand in solidarity together.