We care for your children.
We keep your water clean.
We proudly deliver the services everyone in the Region relies on each day
We keep restaurants and taxi cabs safe for you.
We work for you, Region of Waterloo
We help our neighbours find jobs, obtain housing and get financial support when they're in need.


Spring School is on March 5th, 2022

  Register now for Spring School 2022   Click here to read the First Call announcement. Please note: you can register for one workshop only as they run simultaneously. To register, please email Stacey DeMars at secretary@cupe1883.ca no later than FEBRUARY 4, 2022.

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URGENT: Are you angry about what’s happening in Ontario right now?

Join the emergency online day of action this Saturday! CUPE activists, Ontario workers are sounding the alarm! Our province is facing its worst public health crisis since the COVID-19 pandemic began almost two years ago. Health care providers are describing it as a “full-blown emergency.” Schools aren’t equipped to protect students and education workers. Most

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