Officers & Executive

Executive Board

Noelle Fletcher


Work Area: 451 Ottawa St s
Email: president@cupe1883.ca

Dave Nicholson

1st Vice President JE

Work Area: Operations Centre
120 Maple Grove Rd.
Email: jobevaluation@cupe1883.ca

Rhonda Gould

Vice President Health & Safety

Work Area: 99 Regina
Email: healthsafety@cupe1883.ca

Jan Richards


Work Area: 150 Frederick AHA
Email: treasurer@cupe1883.ca


Recording Secretary

Rebecca Millar

Grievance Chair

Work Area: Family Support
235 King St.
Email: grievance@cupe1883.ca
Phone: 519-504-1544

Corrinne Bernard


Work Area:
Email: corrinne.bernard@cupe1883.ca

The following Executive members are available at the Union Hall throughout the week. Should you need to meet with another Executive member not listed here, please contact them directly to arrange a meeting time.

– at the Union Office from Monday to Friday [exclusive of sick and vacation days] completing administrative tasks, responding to member inquiries, attends meetings with management, site visits, and strategic planning
– available to meet with members regarding concerns after regular working hours by appointment

Grievance Chair
– Tuesday afternoons at the Union office
– available to meet with members regarding concerns before/after hours, dependent on work schedule
– attends grievances, completes research for upcoming grievances, mediation and arbitration, meets with members

Recording Secretary
– in office one full day per week to complete administrative tasks and strategic planning

– in office one half day per week to complete financial tasks


Bonnie Cobb

Work Area: Income Support
150 Main St. 3rd floor
Email: rnrparents4@yahoo.ca

Rebecca Miller

Work Area: Income Support
99 Regina St. 4th floor
Email: rebeccalmiller14@gmail.com

Ryan Milanovic

Work Area: Licensing & Regulatory Services
150 Frederick St.
Email: waterloocowboy@hotmail.com

Yvonne Kohlmetz

Work Area: SFCC
Goodrich Dr.
Email: dbyvonne@sympatico.ca

Deb Smith

Work Area: Child Care Subsidy
99 Regina St.
Email: dlgsw@hotmail.com

Crystal Davidson

Work Area: Finance
150 Frederick St.
Email: cdavidson0521@rogers.com

Annette Walker

Currently unavailable
Work Area: Operations Centre
120 Maple Grove Rd.
Email: sannette@members.cupe.ca

Melissa Krone

Work Area: 20 Weber St.
Email: zeal@hotmail.com


Danielle Reid

Terry Lanis

Crystal Davidson

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